18th annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show®; July 25 & 26, 2020, West Bloomfield, MI

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18th annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show®; July 25 & 26, 2020, West Bloomfield, MI

Hot Works 18th annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show July 25 & 26, 2020 is in the heART of West Bloomfield, MI. Voted one of Sunshine Artist’s top 100 art shows in America –11 times by Sunshine Artist Magazine. High visibility off Orchard Lake Road (south of Maple) & plenty of free onsite patron parking at Beaumont Hospital. F

We have received final permission from West Bloomfield Township to go ahead with the show this July 25 & 26, 2020!

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18th Annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show®
July 25 & 26, 2020
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Deadline is extended due to COVID-19
We are waiting to see what happens
Event hours:
Saturday, July 25, 10am-6pm
Sunday, July 26, 10am-5pmSet up is Friday, July 24, from 8:30am-6pm
Tear down is Sunday, July 26, by 9pm
The event site is set up to provide plenty of free parking to patrons
Plenty of room for overnight RV Parking, if neededOur passion is to inspire serious art shoppers to purchase your art.  We emphasize the quality of work, not the quantity of artists. All work is original and personally handmade by the artist in the booth. We support the development of a unique relationship between artist and patron by not permitting music and food to intrude with the artists.Hot Works’ principal partner, Patty Narozny has 30+ years of event and media experience. Her longevity in the event industry, combined with her expertise, credibility, durability, integrity, and stability makes Hot Works events not only profitable but also gratifying for all.Why do a Hot Works show?

  • 30+ years of event production and media experience
  • A promoter who cares about and supports the artists
  • A focus on visual arts which is juried by art professionals
  • Every effort to eliminate buy/sell/import
  • Each event tailored to its community and setting
  • Friday move-in
  • Great event hours
  • Enormous advertising campaigns – TV, Radio, Print, Social Media, Posters, Banners, Post Cards, etc.
  • Several shows to choose from throughout the year – dealing with one organization
  • Professionally managed
  • Friendly and experienced event crew
  • Booth sitters available
  • $2,500 Professional Artist Awards
  • Overnight security provided
  • Plenty of patron parking
  • Overnight parking available for RV’s
  • Youth Art Competition for K-8

The Community
West Bloomfield, Michigan is an upscale neighborhood with rolling hills that provide a tranquil setting for beautiful and lavish homes. It is located adjacent to Bloomfield Hills, home of legendary Cranbrook Art Institute. Hot Works Orchard Lake Fine Art Show has been voted one of Sunshine Artist’s top 100 art shows in the country – 11 times- and has won many awards from Michigan Festivals & Events.  West Bloomfield has been voted one of Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live”. If you are an artist looking for two back-to-back Michigan shows, this event follows Ann Arbor, which is about 45 minutes from West Bloomfield.

The Media
With 30+ years of media & event experience, we know how to reach out to the community and to the people with the means to purchase fine art. Advertising and promotion include television, print, radio, and social media partnerships. In addition, there are large street banners, posters, and postcards distributed within the community.

The Jury / Submitting Artwork
A jury of art professionals who are familiar with art shows is retained for the selection process. Jury selection is based on originality, technique/execution, and overall booth presentation. Artist applications are accepted electronically or manually at www.hotworks.org. Please include three images of your most compelling work and one of your booth presentations as it would appear at the show.  We will send you an email confirming receipt of your application. Your jury payment is due with the application.

After jurying has been completed, we will send you notification of your acceptance, rejection, or waitlist status. Upon acceptance, your booth fee will be due. Artist packages are mailed within 30 days prior to the event. Artists will be assigned a designated booth space, which is available on the website with booth numbers to be viewed about one week prior to the show. Artists chosen as alternates will be put on a waiting list. The decision of the judges is final. We invite you to check in with us at any time with any questions, for any reason.

$2,500 Professional Artist Awards

  • One $1,000 Best of Show
  • Two $500 Purchase Award Prizes
  • Five $100 Awards of Excellence
  • Ten Awards of Distinction (ribbons only)

All award winners, regardless of award level, receive one of our eye-catching, gorgeous two-foot-long ribbons that draw people into the booth. Awards are given at judges’ discretion based on same rules for jurying. The winning artists are automatically invited to participate in the following year’s event and the jury fee is waived.

Youth Art Competition $250 Awards
Institute for the Arts & Education is the 501c3 non-profit arm of all Hot Works events and focuses on visual arts, cultural diversity, fostering art education among youth, and community enrichment. As part of our commitment to bring art education into the community, a Youth Art Competition is integrated into the art show. Students in grades K-8 or ages 5-13 are encouraged to enter his/her original art which is publicly displayed in the art show the entire weekend under the “Youth Art” tent. There is $250 in Youth Art awards as students are exposed to and begin to learn the rules of being part of a professional art show. This unique and one-of-a-kind program brings families to the event and exposes them to art – many of whom may not have otherwise attended.

The Promise
Hot Works and Institute for the Arts and Education are proud of the success and nationwide recognition we have achieved in our endeavors, and we hope that you, too, will take great pride in knowing that you have contributed to that success.

Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns at any time. We are artist-focused and seek to provide a venue that enhances your work and simplifies your participation.

At Hot Works, your success is our success!

Contact Info
Patty Narozny
Executive Director & Producer, Hot Works, LLC
President, Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc.
MI Office:
PO Box 79
Milford, MI 48381-0079
Phone: 248-684-2613

FL Office:
PO Box 1425
Sarasota, FL 34230
Phone: 941-755-3088



Art must be original and handcrafted by the artist, in the booth, at the show. Individuals selling work that is not their own or otherwise misrepresenting their work or themselves are not welcome and are requested to refrain from applying. No manufactured items are to be displayed or sold. Artists found not to be in compliance will be asked to remove the unacceptable items, and risk closure of their booth for the rest of the show with no refund of the booth fee or any other fee(s) associated with the show. The person in the booth must be the person who made the work. If more than one person is employed in making the work, you must state so on the application and describe the contribution each person makes in executing the work and/or the finished piece.• Artists must be present during the entire show and must personally staff their booths. A government-issued picture ID must be available at check-in, upon request.• Collaborative work is when two or more artists work together in the creation of their artwork and should be submitted as a joint application. If accepted, collaborating artists may only exhibit work that is truly collaborative and in which all or both artists must contribute a substantial portion of the execution of the final artwork. Supportive and ancillary activities (such as matting and framing) are not considered part of a collaborative effort.  Repeated activities that can be performed with minimal training, education, and supervision, and which make little to no difference in the outcome (such as merely applying a wash to a canvas as part of the preparation of the canvas to be painted) are also not considered collaborative.•   Booth appearance at the show must reasonably resemble booth slide submitted at jury, showing all three sides of booth. Recognizing that it is the artistic experience that we explore and move on to new and different directions, whether or not there was misrepresentation with any part of the application remains the sole decision of the director. There are no refunds of any kind should the artist be asked to remove part or all of his/her display, and the artist shall have no recourse. Such decisions are not made lightly but are always made in the best interest of the show’s reputation and integrity, and the reputation and integrity of the art show industry.• For fiber/bead artists: if the beading is sophisticated sewing and art in itself, it will be considered for acceptance into Hot Works events; otherwise Hot Works frowns upon “beaders” that merely string their work, which refers to buying the beads and sewing it on a string. Hot Works will individually consider such applications, but our decision is final.• Displays must remain within assigned space. When setting up your booth, please be sure your booth is lined up with the front of the other booths in that aisle, with no protruding items in the front of your tent or booth. No infringement into public areas, and into the spaces of other artists, is permitted. There can be no booth appendages in any direction, including upward. The only exception is an awning, and only if it does not interfere with an emergency vehicle that may have to drive down an aisle. You are liable for any damage caused as a result of a protruding piece from your booth either from the ground or from the top of your structure. Booth height at the show must be the same as booth height in booth slide submitted for application.• No sharing booths unless all artists are represented in juried images.

• Generators labeled for outdoor use are permitted in all outdoor shows, but they must be placed a minimum of 20’ away from any tent structure, and only if they do not disturb anyone else, for whatever reason. You must also have a fire extinguisher in your booth at all times. Please let us know if you are bringing a generator. Artists expecting to bring generators must, in their applications, disclose equipment description and where you expect to place the generator. Hot Works retains the right to refuse such requests, if, in our opinion, it will be disruptive and/or generate complaints from others.

• Prints and reproductions are accepted when clearly labeled and limited to 30% or less of work displayed.

• Photography, digital, or giclée art prints must be limited editions of 250 or less, signed and numbered, and printed on archival quality materials.

• We define “Photography” as the art or process of producing images by the formation of an image on a light sensitive surface or by an acceptable digital printing process. If applying in the “Digital” category, digital art prints must be made from the artist’s original digital file.

• Each artist must provide enough work to exhibit and sell during the entire time of the art fair. Artists who break down or leave early before closing time on any day of the event will not be permitted to return the following day or to future Hot Works shows unless proof of an emergency is provided.

• An artist package is mailed approximately one month prior to the show and will include 50 postcards. Please advise if a different quantity is needed; we are happy to provide you with as many as you need.

• Mailing lists are encouraged for all shows. If you do not have a mailing list, it is recommended that you start one in each city you do an event.

• Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of the event and are not interchangeable. Hot Works will accept and do its best to honor special location requests but cannot make any guarantees. Corner spaces are available for purchase and are assigned solely on availability and discretion of the event. Booth assignments and map of event will be available on the website a minimum of one week prior to the show.

• For logistic purposes, artists with trailers that need to be driven onto the event site, must notify size of trailer 3 weeks prior to show.

• Heavier duty tents such as the Light Dome Canopy or Show-Off Canopy are used by most professional artists. The umbrella-type, pop-up canopy by any manufacturer or distributor is not recommended, as they are the first to come down on a windy day. If you must use the umbrella-type expandable pop-up tent, as with all tents, a minimum of 60 pounds of weight on each corner is required. In addition, if there is rain, the weight of the ponding water on top of a canopy tent can potentially collapse it. Bolstering the inside corners will make the canvas tighter and avoids ponding on top on the tent. Swim noodles or hula hoops (you can purchase these from the $1 store) placed in corners between frame and canvas top can avoid ponding. At night, canopy tents must be lowered to withstand overnight bad weather. Please advise in your application if you use an umbrella-type pop-up canopy.

• Paintings or other art are not permitted to be displayed on the ground unless it as shown in your booth image submitted with your application and approved by the event.

• Artists can only hang the sign that is provided by Hot Works. Vinyl banners are not permitted.

• Hot Works will inspect booths on-site to ensure rules and standards are adhered.

• Sales Tax must be collected and remitted. Michigan sales tax is 6.0%; call the State of Michigan at 517-636-4660 or obtain the sales tax form online at http://www.michigan.gov/documents/2771f_2901_7.pdf

•  You may include an Artist Statement explaining the process and materials used in your work, as well as your reproduction process. Please also indicate a list of any recent awards and honors.


The application/jury fee is $30 fee . Upon acceptance into the show, booth rent is as follows:
10’x10’ = $395
10’x15’ = $575
10’x20’ = $750
Corner: Add $75A white commercial tent can be rented for $200, includes sidewalls, weights, set up, and tear down.Event Hours:
Saturday, July 25, 10am-6pm
Sunday, July 26, 10am-5pmMove-in: 

 Friday, July 24, 8:30am-6pm


Sunday, July 26, from 5pm-9pm – no early breaking down of booths is permitted, unless threatening weather or other emergencies

Additional information


Jury Fee