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Downtown Boca Raton is the perfect location for the Boca Raton Fine Art show, hosted by Hotworks.org. The Boca Raton will feature up to 175 renowned juried artists.  Come join us and see for yourself why the Boca Raton Fine Art Show is voted as one of the Top 100 art shows in America!

Some of the Fine Art you can expect to see:

Artists Apply Here

Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc
Youth Art Competition

For grades 6-12 or ages 9-19; a vital art education program which encourages students to create and submit original artwork to be publicly displayed and professionally judged. $250 in cash prizes; Award Ceremony on Sunday at 3pm. Deadline to apply is December 15.

For more information regarding our Budding Art Competition and other art-education programs, please visit www.artsandeducationinc.org. Please consider making a donation to help keep these vital programs in existence.

Youth Applicants Apply Here

Sponsorship Opportunities

As we strive to bring affluent, buying patrons to our shows, we are confident that our specific marketing strategies and positive national reputation will continue to attract a clientele that remains a perfect match for our artists, media partners, sponsors and vendors.Our #1 goal at Hot Works is to make the Boca Raton Fine Art Show a pleasant and profitable experience for all of our stakeholders, while at the same time, bringing a wonderful event to the community. We look forward to seeing you there!


Patty, who produces the Hot Works shows, juries in the best artists from around the country, she runs art show of ” pure talent”. Her dedication to the arts is evident when you come to her shows! Her shows are wonderful and professional, as well as she is personally.

Gail Markiewicz, Clay, Woodbridge, CT

Patty – thank you very much for creating a truly professional and lovely show. Your hard work, passion, experience, and personality are more than appreciated.

John Mutch, Jewelry, Miller Place, NY

With everything you do for the artists – from advertisement,  perks, the professional management and the artist appreciation – believe me, the last thing you need to worry about is what we paid for the jury fee although it’s very nice of you. Your prices are reasonable and you run a really great show!!!

Bonnie Shanas, Sculpture, Cherry Hill, NJ

Hi Patty! I wanted to thank you for such a great experience last weekend…your show was my very first Florida art festival and was sort of an experiment to seeing if I could actually pack my display into luggage and actually fly to a show. I learned a lot and will be making several changes and streamlining things a bit (a lot!) more to hone it down to two bags (3 was way too much and hard to handle) but I also had a really great time meeting people and getting immersed in your show…I really enjoyed it!

I also wanted to thank you for all the help and information you took the time to share with me…coming over to give me some tips for my booth and letting me know to keep an eye on my bags at the end of the show during breakdown, as well as having one of your staff help me by running to get my car from the lot was something that has never happened before at any other show I’ve done…and I really really want you to know how much I appreciate that. Not having flown to any show, ever rented a tent, or done a festival in Florida, I honestly didn’t know what to expect and I appreciated every nugget of information and assistance you gave me.   You and your staff are over the top amazing and the show was one of the better, well organized that I have ever participated in. I will be applying again!

Thank you so much and I hope you got some rest after the show! You deserve it!!

Camille Knutson, Jewelry, Excelsior, MN

We want to sincerely thank you for our best Boca Show yet!   It was really an exciting and gratifying show to do, with incredible customer response this year. 

Your organization of the show is really “over the top” and you definitely cover all the bases, from the jurying to security and layout of the show.  Of course, the weather really blessed us this year, for the first time in 3 years.

Thanks again for all you did to give us a great show in 2018.  We look forward to seeing you next January in Boca and hopefully one of your Estero shows too!

Lou Frederick & Laura MacNaughton, Jewelry, New York, NY

Hi Patty, Thank you very much for all your work and care that made this a great show! It was my first time showing in Boca and with your organization. It was a great experience. Thank you for the breakfast and all the good advertising and clear communication prior to, during, and after the show. You were right, so far I have had a post-show sale. It was nice to meet you, Charles, Amy, Joe and some of the others. And I appreciate how you use the time there and resources to benefit the community.

Tim Forman, Painting, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Ms. Patty, Please excuse me for sending this late thank you letter. I am so excited to receive the Best Budding Artist award at the 9th Annual Boca Raton Fine Art Show. Thank you and the committee for your support and recognition. It encourages me to continue working in art. I love making art and enjoy its process since I was a young boy. As a young artist, it is such a wonderful opportunity to have my artwork exhibited. Thank you for providing it to me. See you next year!

Daniel Pan, Best Budding Artist, Drawing, Age 15, West Glades Middle School 2018 Boca Raton Fine Art Show


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