Florida Teenage Artist Shines in a Suncoast Art Show.

13-year-old Nalin Isme says his mom inspired him to pick up a paintbrush at age five. “I create abstract artwork. I like to use a lot of colors as you can see right here,” Lee County painter/author, Nalin Isme said. His exposure began with the Youth Art Program at the Sarasota Open Air Fine Arts Show. Students age 9 to 19 can submit original artwork into a competition for a cash prize.”It’s a way we expose students to the entrepreneurship opportunity of doing art shows for a living, which is very important,” Sarasota Open Air Fine Art Show Patty Narozny said. Narozny encouraged him to sell his work after he kept winning competitions.

“The last two years he’s been growing his canvas collection, mainly due to Patty because she’s been encouraging him, and wanting to see bigger works,” Nalin’s mom, Nancy Isme said. “And once he started doing that, we started selling. There’s not much storage in the garage.” Many people are buying his artwork including professional painter, Marcus Jansen. “He’s an expressive painter, a very free painter,” Jansen said. “He challenges sort of these academics in terms of very precise painting. And I like that. That’s what I do; that’s what I’ve been doing for quite some time.” Jansen says Nalin has a lot of potential as an artist and businessman. He bought two pieces from the young artist. While making it in the world of art is tricky, Nalin says he hopes his journey can inspire others.

“That they can do whatever they want to, be whatever they want, and they can make a living out of it,” Nalin said. Nalin also wrote the book “Alpha-tales, Letters A-D.” He says he might study architecture when he goes to college.

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